All data collected by Mitify are located on the database server and configured with high safety standards.. The privacy policies give users an extreme level of confidentiality and advertisers the freedom to share what they consider appropriate. The Geolocation, strongest point of Mitify is treated with special care and attention. The addresses are never visible and their position is never directly relocatable, but it is indicative, to ensure both privacy and high functionality of the service to users.


Mitify was created as a free application. Soon the escorts will be able to indicate their availability with a notification to the user who can interact with them in real time. Users will also be able to leave a feedback / write a review, authenticate the veracity of the photo to make a judgment on the meeting, etc. Mitify is present on all the major social networks, follow us for the latest news and updates. Email us your comments and suggestions helping us to realise a product that increasingly reflect your needs.

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Remember when you had to check the address and location of a restaurant or cinema before you leave the house? Those days are gone! The rhythm and speed of the world have changed and the geo location is transforming our lives. Using localization, Mitify wants to provide the best personalized service and fulfill your desires in the shortest possible time. With Mitify, no matter where you are, you'll find the closest escort immediately!


Mitify is a web desktop, the main goal is to be usable on any smartphone. Our team is developing improvements for a successful operation on any mobile platform. With Mitify is easy to find and contact escorts, wherever you are, even in the spare time. In the blink of an eye you can search directly from your Mobile company you are looking for, in real time.