FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Probably it is a problem on your browser (the program you use to surf the internet).
Mitify stands as an innovative project that takes advantage of the latest technologies so we have preferred to spend the time required to support obsolete browser, in product improving.
All modern browsers are fully supported: people using chrome and firefox usually also cares to keep them up to date, but if you use Internet Explorer, make sure you have a version> = 10.
If you have an older version it is certainly more convenient to install chrome rather that put effort in updating internet explorer!
The best results in terms of speed and fluidity are achieved with chrome and this probably is not only valid for mitify.
Check and download the latest browsers version

Mitify does not need to be installed!
Mitify mobile is a webapp, this means the user experience is similar to a native app but it runs within a browser.
Simply visit http://www.mitify.com from your mobile to access the webapp. Nothing else!
This system has the advantage of being able to operate immediately on all devices with good support html5 (practically smartphone sales in last 2 years) and also offers a total anonymity since nothing is installed on the phone.
To exit from mitify just close the browser or, for more security, clear the cache, and no one, by accessing your phone, will know you used our application.
We do not exclude that in the future we will release a native versions.
To place an ad in mitify you have to click in the upper right button "add your ad for free".
Fill out the form in that page by entering all datas, a valid e-mail address and a clear announcement.
We are preparing a great control panel, in the meantime you will have to send the photos to social (at) mitify.com from the email address previously used for the ad.

Click here to add your ad now.
If you believe in this project and you think you can contribute in some way, please contact us now, we are interested to hear your ideas.
One of our main goal is to host only ads corresponding to reality.
At this moment mitify, started a process of recognition and verification of all profiles.

Being a young project, we can not guarantee the authenticity of all pictures, but, in the meantime, we give you some suggestions to recognize fakes by following some simple step:
1) Third button on a profile photo and copy the URL of the page
2) Go to google, click on images (top right), the search will show a camera icon, click on it and copy the url saved.
3) Check the results, if it is a famous model or the same image is used to advertise different ads in different places of the world is definitely a fake.

If you find someone who is deemed a fake, we kindly ask you to contact us and tell us the ad, we will make the necessary controls .
The first thing to do is to authorize the browser for geolocation otherwise the position will never be precise.
The geolocation is not based on GPS (namely that of notebooks and home computer, or smartphone with GPS off), is realized through wifi networks, this means that if you do not have wifi on your computer or you have it disabled, the only way that remains is locate you by your IP address but this system is not accurate and allows us at most (but not always), to position you at the center of your city.